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 Sidewalk Issues to Keep an Eye On

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We all know that no matter how solid your sidewalk is, the average life span of a sidewalk is between 10 to 20 years. After this a sidewalk will experience some wear and tear naturally. In this article, a few of most common sidewalk issues are discussed.


It’s unavoidable that after some years, even in the most well-made sidewalks you will start to see some cracks. Cracking, from all the sidewalk issues can have a number of causes but most importantly it is caused by temperature changes. Always keep an eye out for cracky edges, as this means the edges of your sidewalk are not supported as good as they should be. You might also notice something like alligator cracking, in which cracks from patterns that uncertainly resemble the scales of an alligator. Some other cracks may look like spider webs, normally caused by overloading the sidewalks with heavy equipments and dumpsters. When you notice any type of cracks, just don’t worry and call the professionals to let them take care of their job.


The other major sidewalk issue is lifting, it’s when a section or a side of your sidewalk begins to tilt or lift, that turns you sidewalk more uneven, disjoined and ultimately more dangerous. There are more chances of getting slip from such sidewalks. This issue is normally caused by tree roots which exert an impressive amount of pressure on the sidewalks as they grown underneath it.


We always see potholes on the roads, and unfortunately sidewalks are just as susceptible as those roads. Potholes are usually caused by the water that washes away the soil beneath the sidewalk due to cracks and breakages in the sidewalk. When this is left untreated, the surface of the sidewalk weakens and part of it caves in. If you need help in repairing or maintaining sidewalks, call us today.


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