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NYC DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal

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NYC DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal

No one likes to receive a notification for violating rules from Department of Transportation (DOT). According to the rules of The rules of DOT of New York City sidewalks are public property, the property owner adjacent to a sidewalk is wholly responsible for the maintenance and repair of the sidewalk. This confuses many land owners, especially those who have just recently started to own a property, for most of them do not realize what they have been hit with. The building codes are there to ensure the safety of the individuals living in the building. It is necessary to inspect your building for any kind of trouble in your property, which require an upgrade to meet the requirements of the new code. The NYC website clearly states that the most common problems which cause citations are damaging sidewalks, any hardware trip hazards in the middle of a sidewalk, broken crack, irregular sloping, the roots of the trees breaking through and the failed results of a do it yourself patchwork, and all of them must require an immediate assistance. 

If you’re issued a citation from the Department of Transportation concerning your sidewalks, you can address the issue with your own Best Sidewalk Repair Contractors, we will completely take care of it. We will respond to your call promptly to help you in every way possible when it comes to sidewalk repair. You can have the violation removed and avoid heavy penalties, if you let our professionals take care of the process. We have helped thousands of residential and commercial clients repair their sidewalks after an alarming notice from DOT, and released them with the burden of hefty penalties all at once. After the sidewalk is repaired, it is re-inspected, passing which the sidewalk violation notice is removed. The re-inspection team is sent by the DOT, and the sidewalk is rechecked for any broken regulations again, this is where our sidewalk services comes in and save you. 

Sidewalk Violation Removal

DOT monitors the city sidewalks, ensuring that they are profoundly sound. The DOT Inspectors are sent to the properties in every other areas, based on specific criteria, including the blocks where reports of injuries were made to the city for inspection. DOT issues these violations terms in every area of the city. DOT is also responsible to take into consideration when was the last time the sidewalk was thoroughly inspected or was efficiently repaired by the property owner. Always hire a reputable and affordable company for the sidewalk violation dismissal. If you leave the sidewalk violation notice go un-noticed more than 75 days, the inspection team can make you pay high penalties on avoiding dismissal inspection.  Not all inspections result in the order of sidewalk repair. The lower your sidewalk rating is on a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being lowest and 100 being highest, the less likely you will need to get a repair. 

Call in for the reliable Sidewalk repair violation services by hiring the most regarded Sidewalk Violation Inspections Company in the city. We provide all types of sidewalk services including curb repair and drive repair. Not only we are experienced and skillful, but the full repairing cost charged is also affordable for everyone.